Posted by: Sherry Goodwin | January 13, 2014

The Bright and Morning Star.

“I am . . .the Bright and Morning Star.”–Rev. xxii.

THIS name of the Lord Jesus seems as if it must be meant especially for children ; for it is those who get up early who see the beautiful morning star, shining in the quiet sky that is just beginning to be touched with a promise of dawn, and He says, “they that seek Me early shall find Me”  (Prov. viii.     ).  A star shines out in the dark sky, and the darkness cannot put it out, but only makes it all the brighter.  So if we look up to Jesus as our Star, even if there seems nothing else to make us happy, and nothing to be seen but some dark trouble all around, He will shine in our hearts (2 Cor. iv.     ); and we shall have light and gladness in them.  (Ps. iv.     .)

A star is always true.  If we were going in a wrong direction across a wide moor, directly we caught sight of a star that we knew, we should be shown our mistake.  So when we think of Jesus we shall see whether we are going right or wrong, whether we are following Him or going away from Him.  When we stop and say to ourselves, “what would Jesus do ?”  it is like looking up at the star to see which way to go.

Jesus calls Himself the Bright Star, for He is the Brightness of the Father’s glory.  (Heb. i.     .)  Nothing makes any one look so bright as looking at His brightness and beauty.  You could not possibly have a dismal face while you are really “looking unto Jesus” (Heb. xii.     ), any more than a little mirror would look dark if you held it up to catch the rays of a bright light.

He calls Himself the Morning Star too, because when we see that shining clear and still we know that the darkness is passing, and very soon the day will break and the shadows flee away.  (Cant. ii.     .)  The sight of the morning star is the promise of the day.  And so if you get a little glimpse by faith of the brightness of the Lord Jesus Christ now, it is only a beginning of clearer sight, and a pledge of the glorious day that has no night, in the land where you shall see the King in His beauty.  (Isa. xxxiii.     .)

Frances Ridley Havergal from MORNING STARS


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