Posted by: Sherry Goodwin | August 29, 2011


“Weeping may endure in the evening, but singing cometh in the morning.”Marginal reading of Psalm 30:5.

IN the evenng there is weeping,
   Lengthening shadows, failing sight,
Silent darkness, slowly creeping
   Over all things dear and bright.

In the evening there is weeping,
   Lasting all the twilight through;
Phantom sorrows, never sleeping,
   Wakening slumbers of the true.

In the monring cometh singing,
   Cometh joy, and cometh sight,
When the sun ariseth,bringing
   Healing on his wings of light.

In the evening cometh singing,
   Songs that ne’er in silence end,
Angel minstrels ever bringing
   Praises new with thine to blend.

Are the twilight shadows casting
   Heavy glooms upon thy heart?
Soon in radiance everlasting
   Night for ever shall depart.

Art thou weeping, sad and lonely,
   Through the evening of thy days?
All thy sighing shall be only
   Prelude of more perfect praise.

Darkest hour is nearest dawning,
   Solemn herald of the day;
Singing cometh in the morning,
   God shall wipe thy tears away.

Frances Ridley Havergal from SWISS LETTERS.

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