Posted by: Sherry Goodwin | June 17, 2011



“Summer-tide is coming,
        With all its pleasant things;
Every bee is humming,
        And every songster sings.
Mornings now are birghtsome,
        Inviting student thought;
Evenings, too, are lightsome,
        With balmy quiet fraught:
Hearths no longer lure us,
        The fields instead we roam;
Hearts albeit insure us
        A happy, happy Home.


“Summer-tide, I hail thee,
        The Empress of the year!
But thou soon would’st fail me
        Were not thy Maker near.
He thy course disposes,
        Thy light, thy scent, thy glow,
He tints all thy roses,
        And prints thy brilliant bow.
Laud Him, all creation,
        The sinner’s mighty Friend;
Near Him be our station,
        Where Summer ne’er shall end!”


Here is one of William Henry’s songs for the young, written for his grandchildren.

William Henry Havergal (1793-1870)
Hon. Canon of Worcester Cathedral


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