Posted by: Sherry Goodwin | April 4, 2010

Easter Echoes.

ARISE, for He is risen to-day,                          
   And shine, for He is glorified;
Put on thy beautiful array,
   And keep perpetual Easter-tide.


    THE white flowers, freed                     
From snowy sepulchres, may speak
     In angel-tone to thee,–
     ‘Oh, fear not ye!
The Saviour whom ye seek
     Is risen indeed!’


IN the likeness of His death
   We were planted,
Therefore, by His Spirit’s breath
   Resurrection-life is granted;–
Resurrection beauty glowing,
Resurrection power outflowing,
Resurrection gladness cheering,
Resurrection glory nearing.


                 ‘SHALL rise again!’
                  His word shall be
                  Enough for thee,
        O mourning heart, so full of pain!
                           Yet see
                 The promise sealed.
By loveliest miracles.  Each wakening flower
                 Of fell or field,
Is fair new proof of resurrection power.


              FAR on the mountain height
                         They grew;
                   Each vivid tint
                         A new
                   And fair imprint
               Of the once pierc`ed Feet,
                         A token sweet
                    (Sent very tenderly),
That Jesus lives and loves and cares for me.


                            OH, let me know
             The power of Thy resurrection!
                             Oh, let me show
              Thy risen life in clear reflection!
                             Oh, let me soar
Where Thou, my Saviour Chirst, are gone before!
                    In mind and heart
Let me dwell always, only, where Thou art.

Frances Ridley Havergal from THE POETICAL WORKS


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