Posted by: Sherry Goodwin | March 24, 2010

from Treasure Trove.

This untitled poem was found in a posthumous volume, TREASURE TROVE. 

O JESUS CHRIST, my Master,
   I come to Thee to-day;
   I ask Thee to direct me
      In all I do or say.
I want to keep my promise,
   To be Thy servant true;
I come to Thee for orders,
Dear Lord, what shall I do?
I want a heart not heeding
 What others think or say;
   I want an humble spirit
       To listen and obey.
To serve Thee without ceasing,
       ‘Tis but a little while,
My strength, the Master’s promise;
     My joy, the Master’s smile.
     O precious Lord and Master,
         I want to hear Thy voice,
         Enduing me with power
         And bidding me  rejoice;
That while Thou still dost tarry,
     I faithful may be found;
With lamp all trimmed and burning,
I wait the trumpet’s sound.

Frances Ridley Havergal from TREASURE TROVE
Compiled by Frances Anna Shaw
Extracts from Unpublished Letters and Bible Notes


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