Posted by: Sherry Goodwin | February 4, 2010

Maria’s Rememberings of F.R.H.

I well remember when Frances first thought of writing “My King.”  We were returning from Switzerland.  Her illness there had quite hindered any writing, and she seemed to regret having no book ready for Christmas.  It was October 21st, we had passed Oxford station, on our way to Winterdyne, and I thought she was dozing, when she exlaimed, with that herald flash in her eye:  “Marie! I see it all, I can write a little book, ‘My King’ ” and rapidly went through divisions for thirty-one chapters.  The setting sun shone on her face; and, even then, it seemed to me she could not be far distant from the land of the King.  Illness came on again, accompanied by severe suffering, yet the book was quickly written and published.

Maria V.G. Havergal (Frances’ sister) from MEMORIALS OF FRANCES RIDLEY HAVERGAL


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