Posted by: Sherry Goodwin | September 15, 2009


“Cherisheth it.”–EPHESIANS 5:29

S%20Sick%20child%20sleeping[1]. . .think how “a nurse cherisheth her children” (I Thessalonians 2:7).  That is, a “gentle” and wise one.  How the little ailments are watched and attended to; how the little weary heads are laid on her shoulders and stroked to sleep; how the little meals are regulated and given; never forgotten,–who ever heard of such a thing!  How the little garments are kept clean and comfortable, changed and mended, as need may be.  How the nursery fire is looked after (while all the while the guard is kept on the bars), so that the room should not be too hot or too cold.  How the little bodies are cared for and loved every inch, even the little fingers and toes!  How the little fancies are borne with and entered into, not unheeded or scorned; and the sillly little questions patiently answered, and the baby lessons taught, and the small tempers managed, and checked, and forgiven!  That is cherishing.  Need we trace its close resemblence to the dealings of our infinitely patient and gentle Lord?

Then think of the still higher and closer cherishing. . .of the Lord’s love and care and thought for you.  What could He say more?  For even thus the Lord cherisheth you,–He gives you His name to bear as your honour, and His very heart to dwell in as the home of your soul.  He gives you the right of constant access, the right of continual dwelling in His presence.  He makes you partaker of His very nature, joining you unto Himself, not only in a perpetual covenant, but as “one spirit” with Him.  He pays all your debts, and now all your wants lie upon Him, and these wants are each and all forseen and provided for, and supplied with untiring love.  He knows in an instant when you are weary or ailing, whether in body or spirit, and knows how to speak the right word for either, speaking verily to your heart,–knows, too, when to be silent for a little while.  His cherishing goes on night and day. . .this life-long manifestation of love. . .that we may see face to face, and know even as you are known.  His care over you will then be exchanged for perfect joy over you.

     “From glory unto glory.”  Though tribulation fall,
     It cannot touch our treasure when Christ is all in all!
     Whatever lies before us, there can be nought to fear,
     For what are pain and sorrow when Jesus Christ is near?”

Frances Ridley Havergal from STARLIGHT THROUGH THE SHADOWS


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