Posted by: Sherry Goodwin | July 16, 2009


     III.  Grass, in its over luxuriant and rank state, is an emblem of wicked men in prosperity.  This is revealed to us in Psalm 92:7:  “When the ungodly are green as the grass, and when all the workers of wickedness do flourish, then shall they be destroyed for ever.”
     How fearful are these words, and yet how easy to be understood!  Every observer of a field or meadow knows that grass, in certain spots, grows so coarsely, and so rankly, and harbours so many weeds, that it is cut down for the dunghill.  Thus sinners, who grow wild in sin, or rank in iniqity, are no better than the offal grass of the swamp, or of the boggy spot of a meadow.  They are not only useless, but injurious.  Like the grass now described, they occupy the place of better vegetation, and only spread mischief so long as they remain in it.  But then their end, what is that?  It is that they shall be cut down, and “be destroyed for ever.”
     O that all therefore, who hear these things, would take heed respecting them!  Let no sinners mistake their character or position, by falsely comparing themselves with other sinners.  They may not be so gross, or so daring, or so hardened, as many whom they know; but they are in the way to become such.  A patch of rank and worthless grass is not composed of tufts of only one size, nor of only one sort.  Many a tuft may be coarser and more towering than another; and many a younger shoot, or milder blade may be found among them.  But they all are bad together:  they partake of the same root, grow in the same soil, and perpetuate the same mischief.  
     Let all sinners then remember that the great Husbandman may send his workman, Death, with his inevitable scythe, and cut them off in all the horrid freshness of their guilt.  Their only safety is in repentance towards God, and faith in his dear Son.


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