Posted by: Sherry Goodwin | June 15, 2009

Consecration Meeting.

                                                                          (To Margaret W. continued)

   At the meeting, Mr. W_____ opened it and then went away.  Then I told them I had meant to sing them beautiful songs of Handel, but I could not and dare not; that I could not, after what my King had shown me last week, sing even partly to please them, it must be “only for my King.”  Then I told them about this “only,” not merely totality of surrender but exclusiveness of allegiance, and how I wanted everyone there to take this step with me that night, and to accept with me “ONLY for Jesus,” as our life motto, henceforth.  To keep my word as to singing, I just sang “Precious Saviour, may I live only for Thee”* (to “Onesimus”).  After prayer, I resumed the subject and then distributed the Consecration Hymns (very systematically done in one minute without disturbance); and, after running through it, asked those and those only to sign their names who meant it.  Oh, M_____, it was such singing, one felt it was so real!
   Then I gave an interval of silent prayer which I felt was a time of real consecration.  I was sure of His presence, so sure that He was  bowing the hearts before Him by the Holy Spirit’s power.  Was it not strange that the first “consecration meeting” I ever came in for should have been in my own hands?
   After, I gave each at the door “Enough.”  I hardly liked giving my own leaflets, but I really couldn’t think of anyting else just suitable for what I wanted.  One, whom I had spoken to after church on Sunday evening, stayed to tell me how bright her hope continued; but she needn’t have spoken, the change of expression was quite enough to tell.  Well, dear M_____, I felt there had been real blessing.

*Hymn 695 in “Songs of Grace and Glory.”

Frances Ridley Havergal from MEMORIALS


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