Posted by: Sherry Goodwin | May 17, 2009

Not your own.

‘NOT your own!’  but His ye are,
   Who hath paid a price untold
For your life, exceeding far
   All earth’s store of gems and gold.
With the precious blood of Christ,
Ransome treasure all unpriced,
Full redemption is procured,
Full salvation is assured.

‘Not your own!’  but His by right,
   His peculiar treasure now,
Fair and precious in His sight,
   Purchased jewels for His brow.
He will keep what thus He sought,
Safely guard the dearly bought,
Cherish that which He did choose,
Always love and never lose.

‘Not your own!’  but His, the king,
   His, the Lord of earth and sky,
His, to whom archangels bring
   Homage deep and praises high.
What can royal birth bestow?
Or the proudest titles show?
Can such dignity be known
As the glorious name, ‘His own!’

‘Not your own!’  To Him ye owe
   All your life and all your love;
Live, that ye His praise may show,
   Who is yet all praise above.
Every day and every hour,
Every gift and every power,
Consecrate to Him alone,
Who hath claimed you for His own.

Teach us, Master, how to give
   All we have and are to Thee;
Grant us, Saviour, while we live,
Wholly, only, Thine to be.
Henceforth to our calling high
Thee to serve and glorify;
Ours no longer, but Thine own,
Thine for ever, Thine alone!

Frances Ridley Havergal from THE POETICAL WORKS


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