Posted by: Sherry Goodwin | May 4, 2009

M A Y.

REMEMBER, Lord, Thy word of old,
   The promised flood of grace;
When earth Thy blessing shall behold,
   As streams in every place.

The barren wild and thirsty soil,
   Thy Spirit, Lord, await;
O pour it forth, and crown our toil
   In every heathen gate!

Where thorns and briars choke the ground,
   And withering idols reign,
There let Thy Spirit’s dew abound,
   And Eden bloom again.

O Holy Ghost, on every heart,
   In every land descend!
Thy fertilising gifts impart,
   And bring a glorious end.

Thee, with the Father and the Son,
   Thy sainted host shall praise,
Those hosts by Thee in Chirst made one,
   For everlasting days.

                                               W. H. H.

Frances Ridley Havergal from RED LETTER DAYS


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