Posted by: Sherry Goodwin | April 26, 2009

Just when Thou wilt.


JUST when Thou wilt, O Master, call!
Or at the noon, or evening fall,
Or in the dark, or in the light,–
Just when Thou wilt, it must be right.  


Just when Thou wilt, O Saviour, come,
Take me to dwell in Thy bright home!
Or when the snows have crowned my head,
Or ere it hath one silver thread.


Just when Thou wilt, O Bridegroom, say
‘Rise up, my love, and come away!’
Open to me Thy golden gate
Just when Thou wilt, or soon, or late.


Just when Thou wilt–Thy time is best–
Thou shalt appoint my hour of rest,
Marked by the Sun of perfect love,
Shining unchangeably above.


Just when Thou wilt!–no choice for me!
Life is a gift to use for Thee;
Death is a hushed and glorious tryst,
With Thee, my King, my Saviour, Christ!

Frances Ridley Havergal from THE POETICAL WORKS  

(Today marks the homegoing of Vera, beloved mother, grandmother and sister-in-Christ who lived in England but now resides above with her Blessed Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ!)



  1. Thanks Sherry
    “Forever with the Lord” – not an ending but a parting for a season!

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