Posted by: Sherry Goodwin | April 5, 2009

A P R I L.

ALL hail, Thou Resurrection!
   All hail, Thou Life and Light!
All hail, Thou Self-Perfection,
   Sole source of grace and might!
Thy Church, O Christ, now greets Thee,
   Uprising from the grave,
And every eye that meets Thee
   Beholds Thee strong to save.

All hail, belov`ed Jesus!
   For Thou indeed art He
Whose death from sin now frees us,
   Whose life brings liberty.
Hence let our faith embrace Thee
   With warmest hand and eye,
And then delight to trace Thee
   Ascending up on high.

O Saviour, come in glory
   To raise Thy holy dead,
And end redemption’s story,
   With crowns upon Thy head.
Then robed in white before Thee,
   Without one stain or tear,
Shall all Thy saints adore Thee,
   ‘Midst wonder, love and fear.
                                    W. H. H.

Frances Ridley Havergal from RED LETTER DAYS


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