Posted by: Sherry Goodwin | March 20, 2009

“Loving all Along.”*

TRAMP, tramp on the downward way,
With seldom a stop and never a stay,
Loving the darkness, hating light,
Our faces set towards eternal night!
Each has answered God’s cry,
“Why will ye die? turn ye!  turn ye!”
“Not I, not I!”
We have bartered away His gems and gold
For the empty husks and the shadows cold;
We have laugh’d at the Devil’s tightening chains
And bidden him forge them strong!
   And God has kept on loving us,
        Loving all along.

The love still flows as we tramp on;
A sorrowful fall in its pleading tone;
“Thou wilt tire in the dreary ways of sin;
I left My Home to bring thee in!”
In its golden street stand no weary feet,
   And we shout back angrily, hurrying on
   To a terrible home, where rest is none:
“We want not your city’s gilded street,
Nor to hear its constant song!”
   And still God keeps on loving us,
        Loving all along.

And the tender Voice pursues each one:
“My child, what more could thy God have done?
Thy sin hid the light of heaven from Me.
When alone in the darkness I died for thee!
Thy sin of this day, In its shadow lay,
Between My face and One turned away!”
And we stop and turn for a moment’s space
Flinging back the love in the Saviour’s face,
To give His heart yet another grief, and glory in the 
   And Christ is always loving us,
        Loving all along.

One is bending low before the King,
And the angels listen with quivering wing;
He has entered the City and sings its hymn,
While the gold of its street through tears is dim!
“To Him be all honour and power and might!”
What marvellous love no sin could move,
Waited, and wearied not, sought and strove!
To us, through the darkness, the Voice still calls
From the gleaming heights of the jasper walls;
To the long kept places our welcome waits,
                           Amid the exultant throng.
   Chorus.–And God will still be loving us,
                            Loving all along,
                      And God will still be loving us,
                             Loving all along!

*“Loving all Along.”  Words by S. G. Prout (from “Never say Die”).  Music by F. R. H.  Published by Hutchings & Romer.

Frances Ridley Havergal from STARLIGHT THROUGH THE SHADOWS


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