Posted by: Sherry Goodwin | February 14, 2009

About the Master

Master, I set my seal that Thou art true,
Of Thy good promise not one thing hath failed!
And I would send a ringing challenge forth,
To all who know Thy name, to tell it out,
Thy faithfulness to every written word,
Thy lovingkindness crowning all the days,–
To say and sing with me:  “The Lord is good,
His mercy is for ever, and His truth
Is written on each page of all my life!”
Yes! there is tribulation, but Thy power
Can blend it with rejoicing.  There are thorns,
But they have kept us in the narrow way,
The King’s highway of holiness and peace.
And there is chastening, but the Father’s love
Flows through it; and would any trusting heart
Forego the chastening and forego the love?
And every step leads on to “more and more,”
From strength to strength Thy pilgrims pass
     and sing
The praise of Him who leads them on and on,
From glory to glory, even here!

[This is the last section of the poem THE TWO PATHS, Via Dolorosa and Via Giojosa suggested by a picture once viewed.  In the copy I have, there is a notation from the line beginning with “Yes! there is tribulation. . .” to the end of the poem, some dear saint long ago wrote “Thy will be done.”  It is comforting to know others have benefited from what Frances realised in her time here with the Master, the Lord Jesus Christ.]

Frances Ridley Havergal from “UNDER HIS SHADOW.”


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