Posted by: Sherry Goodwin | January 22, 2009



ARE you shining for Jesus, dear one?
   You have given your heart to Him;
But is the light strong within it,
   Or is it but pale and dim?
Can everybody see it,–
   That Jesus is all to you?
That your love to Him is burning
   With radiance warm and true?
Is the seal upon your forehead,
   So that it must be known
That you are ‘all for Jesus,’–
   That your heart is all His own?


Are you shining for Jesus, dear one?
   You remember the first sweet ray,
When the sun arose upon you
   And brought the gladsome day;
When you heard the gospel message,
    And Jesus Himself drew near,
And helped you to trust Him simply,
   And took away your fear:
When the darkness and the shadows
   Fled like a weary night,
And you felt that you could praise Him,
   And everything seemed bright.


Are you shining for Jesus, dear one,
   So that the holy light
May enter the hearts of others,
   And make them glad and bright?
Have you spoken a word for Jesus,
   And told to some around,
Who do not care about Him,
   What a Saviour you have found?
s_old_lantern1Have you lifted the lamp for others,
   That has guided your own glad feet?
Have you echoed the loving message,
   That seemed to you so sweet?


Are you shining for Jesus, dear one,–
   Shining for Him all day,
Letting the light burn always
   Along the varied way?
Always,–when those beside you
   Are walking in the dark?
Always,–when no one is helping,
   Or heeding your tiny spark?
Not idly letting it flicker
   In every passing breeze
Of pleasure or temptation,
   Of trouble or of ease?


Are you shining for Jesus, dear one,–
   Shining just everywhere,
Not only in easy places,
   Not only just here or there?
Shining in happy gatherings,
   Where all are loved and known?
Shining where all are strangers?
   Shining when quite alone?
Shining at home, and making
   True sunshine all around?
Shining abroad, and faithful–
   Perhaps among faithless–found?


Are you shining for Jesus, dear one,
   Not for yourself at all?
Not because dear ones, watching,
   Would grieve if your lamp should fall?
Shining because you are walking
   In the Sun’s unclouded rays,
And you cannot help reflecting
   The light on which you gaze?
Shining because it shineth
   So warm and bright above,
That you must let out the gladness,
   And you must show forth the love?


Are you shining for Jesus, dear one?
   Or is there a little sigh
That the lamp His love had lighted
   Does not burn clear and high?
Is the heavenly crown that waits you,
   Still, still without a star,
Because your light was hidden,
   And sent no rays afar?
Do you feel you have not loved Him
   With a love right brave and loyal,
But have faintly fought and followed
   His banner bright and royal?


Oh, come again to Jesus!
   Come as you came at first,
And tell Him all that hinders,
   And tell him all the worst;
And take His sweet forgiveness
   As you took it once before,
And hear His kind voice saying,
   ‘Peace!  go, and sin no more!’
Then ask for grace and courage
   His name to glorify,
That never more His precious light
   Your dimness may deny.


Then rise, and, ‘watching daily,’
   Ask Him your lamp to trim
With the fresh oil He giveth,
   That it may not burn dim.
Yes, rise and shine for Jesus!
   Be brave, and bright, and true
To the true and loving Saviour,
   Who gave Himself for you.
Oh, shine for Jesus, dear one,
   And henceforth be your way,
Bright with the light that shineth
   Unto the perfect day!

Frances Ridley Havergal from LOYAL RESPONSES


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