Posted by: Sherry Goodwin | January 10, 2009

Songs of Grace and Glory.

“Say amongst the heathen, that the Lord reigneth.”
                               Ps. xcvi. 10
                       SUCCOTH.   87, 87, 77.

1   HERALDS of the Lord of Glory!
        Lift your voices, lift them high:
     Tell the gospel’s wondrous story,
        Tell it fully, faithfully;
     Tell the heathen midst their woe
     Jesus reigns, above, below.

2   Haste the day, the bright, the glorious!
        When the sad and sin-bound slave
      High shall laud, in pealing chorus,
         Him who reigns, and reigns to save.
      Tempter, tremble!  Idols, fall,
      Jesus reigns, the Lord of all!

3   Christians!  send to joyless regions
         Heralds of the gladdening word;
      Let them, voiced like trumpet legions,
         Preach the kingdom of the Lord;
      Tell the heathen, Jesus died!
      Reigns He now, though crucified.

4   Saviour, let Thy quickening Spirit
         Touch each herald lip with fire;
      Nations then shall own Thy merit,
         Hearts shall glow with Thy desire:
      Earth in jubilee shall sing,
      Jesus reigns, the eternal King!

                             Rev. William Henry Havergal, 1827

Frances Ridley Havergal from STARLIGHT THROUGH THE SHADOWS


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