Posted by: Sherry Goodwin | January 6, 2009

J A N U A R Y.

     Hon. Canon of Worcester Cathedral

          “My times are in Thy hand,”
             Their best and fittest place;
          I would not have them at command
             Without Thy guiding grace.

          “My times,” and yet not mine;
             I cannot them ordain;
          Not one e’er waits from me a sign,
             Nor can I one detain.

          “My times,” O Lord, are Thine,
             And Thine their oversight:
          Thy wisdom, love, and power combine
             To make them dark or bright.         

          I know not what shall be,
             When passing times are fled;
          But all events I leave with Thee,
             And calmly bow my head.

          Hence, Lord, in Thee I rest,
             And wait Thy holy will;
          I lean upon my Saviour’s breast,
             Or gladly go on still.

          And when my “times” shall cease,
             And life shall fade away,
          Then bid me, Lord, depart in peace
             To realms of endless day!

                                               W. H. H.

Frances Ridley Havergal from RED LETTER DAYS,  A MEMORIAL AND BIRTHDAY BOOk         


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