Posted by: Sherry Goodwin | November 9, 2008


June 1876.  during a visit to her brother Frank, at Upton Bishop Vicarage, she [F.R.H.] was much interested in his schools and cottages.  Every day she went about from house to house, reading the Bible and telling in simple words of God’s love in sending Jesus Christ to save sinners.
In one instance, at a garden party, my sister’s happy face attracted a young stranger, so that she sought conversation with her.  Often have I been told:  “F.R.H. looks so really happy, she must have something we have not.”  (With the utmost skill, no artist or photograph gives a real idea of her lighted up expression.  Is it because soul cannot be represented any more than a sunbeam?)  And my pen fails, too, in giving an idea to strangers of her sunny ways, merrily playing with children, and heartily enjoying all things.  But her deep sympathy with others’ joys and sorrows, and her loyal longings that all should know the “joy unspeakable and full of glory,” were the secret of her influence with others.

(This commentary given by Maria, her sister, in MEMORIALS OF FRANCES RIDLEY HAVERGAL


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