Posted by: Sherry Goodwin | October 23, 2008


‘SHALL I hold them back–my jewels?
Time has travelled many a day
Since I laid them by for ever,
Safely locking them away;
And I thought them yielded wholly,
When I dared no longer wear
Gems contrasting, oh, so sadly!
With the adorning I would bear.

‘Shall I keep them still–my jewels?
Shall I, can I yet withhold
From that living, loving Saviour
Aught of silver or of gold?
Gold so needed, that His gospel
May resound from sea to sea;
Can I know Christ’s service lacketh,
Yet forget His “unto Me”!

‘No; I lay them down–my jewels,
Truly on the altar now.
Stay!  I see a vision passing
Of a gem-encircled brow;
Heavenly treasure worn by Jesus,
Souls won through my gift outpoured;
Freely, gladly I will offer
Jewels thus to crown my Lord!’
from Women’s Work.

Frances Ridley Havergal from KEPT FOR THE MASTER’S USE


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