Posted by: Sherry Goodwin | September 12, 2008

The Sovereignty of God

‘Be still and know that I am God.’–Ps. 46.10

God Almighty!  King of nations!  earth Thy footstool,
heaven Thy throne!
Thine the greatness, power, and glory, Thine the kingdom,
Lord, alone!
Life and death are in Thy keeping, and Thy will
ordaineth all,
From the armies of Thy heavens to an unseen insect’s

Reigning, guiding, all-commanding, ruling myriad worlds
of light;
Now exalting, now abasing, none can stay Thy hand of
Working all things by Thy power, by the counsel of Thy
Thou art God!  enough to know it, and to hear Thy
word:  ‘Be Still!’

In Thy sovereighty rejoicing, we Thy children bow and
For we know what kind and loving, just and true, are all
Thy ways.
While Thy heart of sovereign mercy and Thine arm of
sovereign might,
For our great and strong salvation, in Thy sovereign grace

Frances Ridley Havergal from THE POETICAL WORKS



  1. Dear Ingrid,
    This place is very uplifting and inspiring! Thank you for putting up this blog. I’ll be back often to enjoy the read.

    Because of His grace,

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