Posted by: Sherry Goodwin | August 25, 2008


‘Who giveth us richly all things to enjoy.’–1 Tim. 6.17

THINK a little this morning of God’s great kindness to you.  How very good He is to you!  I know one of His dear children who looks up many, many times a day, and says, ‘Good Lord Jesus!’ or ‘Kind Lord Jesus!’ she does not set herself to say it, but it seems as if she could not help, saying it, just because He is so good and kind.  And then it seems only natural to look up again and say, ‘Dear Lord Jesus!’  How can anybody go on all day long, and never see how good He is, and never look up and bless Him?  Most especially on bright, pleasant days, when He giveth us more even than usual to enjoy!  He ‘giveth.’  Not one single pleasant thing, not one single bit of enjoyment comes to us but what He giveth.  We cannot get it, we do not earn it, we do not deserve it; but he giveth lovingly , and kindly, and freely.  Supppose He stopped giving, what would become of us?
‘Richly.’  So richly, that if you tried to write down half His gifts to you, your hand would be tired long before you had done.  You might easily make a list of the presents given you on your birthday, but you could not make a list of what God gives you every day of your life.
“All things.’  All the things you really need, and a great many more besides.  All the things that will do you good, a great many more than you would ever have thought of.  All the things that He can fill your young hands with, and trust you to carry without stumbling and falling.  All things, everything that you have at all!
‘To enjoy.’  Now how kind this is!  not only ‘to do us good,’ but ‘to enjoy.’   So you see He means you to be happy with what He gives you, to smile and laugh and be glad, not to be dismal and melancholy.  If you do not enjoy what He ‘giveth,’ that is your own fault, for He meant you to enjoy it.  Look up to Him with a bright smile, and thank Him for having given you richly all things to enjoy!

‘My joys to Thee I bring,
The joys Thy love hath given,
That each may be a wing
To lift me nearer heaven.
I bring them, Saviour, all to Thee,
For Thou hast purchased all for me.’

Frances Ridley Havergal from MORNING BELLS, Eleventh Day


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