Posted by: Sherry Goodwin | April 19, 2008



WE have heard the call from your fair green Isle,
Our hearts have wept at your saddening tale,
And we long to waken a brighter smile,
By a story of love which shall never fail.

We should like you to come to our Bible land,
And share our comforts and blessings too;
We would take you all with a sister’s hand,
And try to teach and to gladden you.

But you’re so far off that it cannot be,
And we have no wings, or to you we’d fly,
So we’ll try to send o’er the foaming sea
Sweet words to brighten each heavy eye.

Sweet words of Him who was once so poor
That He had not where to lay His head;
But hath opened now the gleaming door
To the palace of light, where His feast is

There you may enter; He calls each one,
You’re as welcome there as the greatest king;
Come to Him then, for He casts out none,
And nothing at all do you need to bring.

He will change your rags for a robe of white,
An angel harp, and a crown of gold;
You may dwell for aye in His presence bright,
And the beaming smiles of His love behold.

We will gladly save from our little store
Our pennies, our farthings, from day to day,
And only wish we could do far more;
But for Erin’s children we’ll always pray.


–Frances Ridley Havergal from BEN BRIGHTBOOTS


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