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“They shall perish; but Thou remainest.”  Psalm 102:26

O CEDAR tree of Winterdyne,
The shading guardian of our peaceful home,
How much we all loved thee!
Thy boughs in summer seemed to cool the air
For those who sat beneath.  In wintry frost and snow
A hoary sire thou seem’dst.  In stormy winds
We loved to see how bravely thou didst stand,
Nor thought that thou couldst fall.

O Cedar tree of Winterdyne,
How many a tale thou could’st have told
Of festive pleasant times–
But pass we by the gathering throngs
From far and near with gladsome songs,
The pattering feet with music sweet
And banners bright, and great delight
That thou didst look upon.

One* honoured thee when o’er her thou didst wave
Thine ancient branches.  There she oft did sit
Whose presence was as sunshine gladdening all
She looked upon.  She was God’s messenger,
Carolling glad truths like blythsome bird,
Or speaking words in season, softly, lovingly,
And telling forth the honour of her King.——
My sister’s work is done!  She has passed away.
And thou hast fallen!  both leaving us the record sure
Of thy Creator LORD, that He remains.


*F. R. H.


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