Posted by: Sherry Goodwin | February 5, 2008

Alpine Delight

“In choosing analogies to express spiritual truths Frances rarely went beyond the language of Scripture.  She does however occasionally use imagery derived from mountaineering. . .A favourite analogy is that of the Swiss guide.
One detail of the guide’s equipment which intrigued her was the Alpine Club rope:

Once I questioned the strength of the rope, upon which the guide untwisted it a little, and showed me a scarlet thread hidden among the strands.  He told me that this was the mark that it was a real Alpine Club rope, manufactured expressly for that purpose, and to be depended upon in a matter of life and death.  It is remarkable that this typical ‘line of scarlet thread’ should have been selected as the guarantee of safety.

“With Frances’ knowledge of the Scriptures it was not surprising that she linked this rope with the scarlet cord hanging from Rahab’s window guaranteeing the safety of her household when Jericho was attacked; and drew the analogy that Christ was Saviour and Guide to all who are united to Him ‘by the strong cords of His eternal purpose and His everlasting love’. . .

Father who hast made the mountains,
Who hast formed each tiny flower,
Who hast filled the crystal fountains,
Who hast sent us sun and shower,
Hear Thy children’s morning prayer,
Asking for Thy guardian care;
Keep and guide us all the day,
Lead us safely all the way.”

–Pamela D Bugden from  Ever, only, ALL for Thee,
Frances Ridley Havergal:  Glimpses of Her Life and Writings

(For more information on where to purchase a copy of this newly published biography, scroll down on the linked page.)

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